Wow Computer Specs


The WOW Computer Specifications Make It Super Easy!

The WOW computer is a technology that has been built for people who are not so good at using technology and computers in their everyday life but need to do so anyway. The company is basically focused on providing ease to baby boomers and seniors. These are the people who haven’t used much technology and find it hard to learn as well. Due to this, the WOW computer specifications are custom and built specifically according to the needs of the elderly including large font and icons.


The WOW Computer Specs

The Wow computer is although built for easy and simple applications for seniors, it is provided with the quickest of processors and the lightest of the touch screen to provide them with ease. The WOW computer specifications are as follows:

  • Built with the 2.4 GHz Intel Celeron Quad Core Processor.
  • The monitor is a 22-inch touch screen with high definition. The widespread panel is to the ratio 16:9 (1920 X 1280 pixels).
  • Graphics card: Intel 925 Graphics Card present in the motherboard.
  • Two memory slots, a 2G DDR3 or a DDR3 SO-DIMM.
  • Two built-in speakers with premium sound technology.
  • It has a webcam that is a built-in 1.0 Mega Pixel webcam with microphone for video and phone calls.
  • It connects to a 65 watt AC adapter.
  • You can attach it to a wired keyboard and a mouse if you need to as well. These are included in the packing.
  • Can support all wireless and wired HP printers. It is one of the best WOW computer specifications.
  • You get a hardware warranty for a year.

Thus these are some WOW computer specifications that a user can find in a wow computer. The operating system used in the making of these amazingly easy to use computers is called the Tiny Core Linux. It has been already installed with some applications like an already built-in web browser, an email program, and a basic office program. This software is custom made so that they fit with the theme of the computer and the operating system. And a user can get all the above WOW computer specifications in these computers.


WOW Computer Accessories

The monitor is a touchscreen but the company provides you with a mouse and a keyboard to help you in case they are certain technical issues. Along with these, the packing comes with a manual that is specifically made easy to read and understand. The font of the manual is also made larger than normal accordingly. All the above constitute the WOW computer Accessories.

You can also make the basic connections that a computer uses to work on it like portable memory devices such as pen drives etc.. You can connect your computer to the internet. You work with external hard disks. These are some other WOW computer specifications available to users. Since photo sharing is a feature in the computer, you can print these images as well through the WOW computer compatible printers. The WOW computer compatible printers are all the wired and wireless printers provided by the HP Company. For further information on the WOW computer specifications and the WOW computer compatible printers, use our toll-free number : +1-833-814-0111 or our wow computer support website at